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We would love for you to share your experience with others so they can hear how working with Deeply Rooted Healing is from those that have been in to see us.
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Amanda is so knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the health and wellness of her patients, and her office is warm and welcoming! So thankful to partner with her on my heath journey!

- J.L.

I honestly don’t even know where to start. I’ve been seeing Amanda for over five months now and it’s hard to put into words the number of ways she has helped and truly changed my life. My overall health is exponentially better. She has helped me get down to the root issues I’ve dealt with for years and years. I think this is the best I’ve felt, really, my entire life. And because of finding and working through the root causes of things, I’ve had wins in areas I didn’t even think was possible. I have gone two months without a single migraine.. TWO MONTHS.. I typically have multiple migraines a month (for the last 15+ years).
I have blood test results that have significantly changed for the better, decreased inflammation in my body, my liver is functioning better, my digestion is better.
Overall, life is just better!
I also want to add that Jessica at the front desk is so friendly and kind every time I’m in there.
Amanda’s office is kid friendly, which makes appointments so easy when I have to bring my littles.
20/10 recommend over and over!


I am so grateful for Deeply Rooted Healing! Amanda listens to all your concerns truly works to find the root cause! She is such an amazing human! And Jessica is amazing as well! I highly recommend Deeply Rooted Healing to everyone looking for a better health journey!!!
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